For decades, researchers have been trying to prove conclusively that cholesterol is a major villain in this epidemic [of heart disease]. It has not been easy. Cholesterol is, after all, only one piece in a large puzzle that also includes obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, stress, and lack of exercise. All of these play their part in heart disease “like members of an orchestra,” explains pathologist Richard Minick of the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. . . . Despite its bad reputation, cholesterol is essential to life: it is a building block of the outer membrane of cells, and it is a principal ingredient in the digestive juice bile, in the fatty sheath that insulates nerves, and in sex hormones such as estrogen and androgen.

Even within the article itself, the facts about cholesterol contradict the title and claim that it’s bad for you. Unfortunately, what people remembered were headlines and cover images like the one used with the article—a plate of eggs and bacon arranged to form a frowning face. The biology and the science, or lack thereof, behind the idea became secondary to the striking image, and the article created a massive fear of dietary cholesterol and reinforced the idea that heart disease risk is drastically increased when blood levels of cholesterol are high.

There is just one problem. As physician Mike Eades has said, “Only about half the people who have heart attacks have elevated cholesterol levels.” The Time article itself stated, “The experts were still not quite able to pin the blame on cholesterol, however. Explains Fred Ma!son, a leading researcher at the University of California at San Diego, ‘We were missing a key piece of evidence: No one had ever shown that reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood did any good.’”

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